Helicopters fly past the Tremont Creek wildfire as it burns on the mountains above Ashcroft, B.C., on July 16. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Helicopters fly past the Tremont Creek wildfire as it burns on the mountains above Ashcroft, B.C., on July 16. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Summer heat sends message

Canadian government should be motivated to take immediate climate action, say letter writers

To the editor,

According to scientists with the World Weather Attribution project, this summer’s extreme heat would have been “virtually impossible without human-caused climate change.” In other words, it’s clear that the fires raging across western and central Canada, the flooding in the Yukon and the heat deaths that we saw just a few weeks ago are climate change happening here and now in Canada.

This is what a climate emergency looks like. So, why isn’t Justin Trudeau acting like it? In the midst of this heatwave, Trudeau has been travelling across the country gearing up for an election. But has he announced any actions to up Canada’s climate ambition in the midst of this crisis? No.

We need real action and we need it now. That means doing the two things most important to tackling the climate crisis – ending fossil fuel expansion and legislating a just transition for workers and communities. It’s time for Trudeau to stop just trying to sound like a climate leader, and start acting like one.

Stephanie McKenzie, Nanaimo

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To the editor,

With a federal election on the horizon, pundits are speculating on Canadian voters’ top issues. Will it be jobs and the economy? Health care and education? Or how about climate change? The thing about climate, though, is it’s not just another issue. It’s an escalating crisis that affects everything else.

This summer has made that abundantly clear. Extreme heat took hundreds of lives in B.C. and it has created the conditions for the wildfire season we’re suffering through now. These climate disasters affect public health, wipe out wildlife habitat and destroy infrastructure.

If there is going to be an election, political leaders need to start talking about climate action that goes much faster and much bigger than what they’ve offered so far: Halt all fossil fuel expansion. Pass the long-promised Just Transition Act to make sure fossil fuel workers and communities have the support they need as we race to de-carbonize our economy. Doing a little bit isn’t good enough any more.

Tony Jarvis, Gabriola Island

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