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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Love thy neighbour, wear a mask

Letter writers respond to letter saying mask-wearing goes against his religious beliefs
Masks protect others, so people should wear them no matter their religious beliefs, say letter writers. (Stock photo)

To the editor,

Re: Mask rules inconsistent, Letters, Sept. 23.

As a Christian, I am responding to this recent letter. I do not see how caring for one’s neighbour is in any way “evil.” While masks are not 100 per cent effective, they have been proven worldwide to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the expulsion of particles into the surrounding air, should someone cough or sneeze, especially in close quarters indoors.

We are told in Scripture to love our neighbour as ourselves, an excellent reason to wear a mask in confined areas, as well as hand washing, not gathering in large groups and isolating for two weeks if symptomatic. This is not part of a government conspiracy, but keeping the virus in check, so our health-care system isn’t overwhelmed.

The vast majority of churches are either limiting the number of attendees, in order to social distance, or continuing to have services by means of internet platforms.

There are several passages in the New Testament stating that we are to obey governing authorities when requested to do so, unless they are asking us to specifically disobey God’s law. Disobeying the authorities God has placed over us is disobeying God.

The writer made no reference to having a health condition as a reason for not wearing a mask when requested to do so. His faith should not be a reason to refuse to comply. What about sacrifice? Let’s all continue to do what is necessary to lower the curve, for the sake of everyone’s health. Making small sacrifices now will benefit everyone in the coming months heading into cold and flu season.

Gary Purvess, Nanaimo

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To the editor,

Re: Mask rules inconsistent, Letters, Sept. 23.

Welders, beekeepers, scuba divers, spray painters, medical doctors, nurses and others routinely wear masks which at least partially cover their faces for one good reason: their own protection. If they were to choose not to, they would be putting no one in jeopardy but themselves.

The COVID-19 pandemic also requires wearing masks that partially cover the face, but for two good reasons: protecting themselves and others. If one’s religious beliefs mandate that his/her face remain fully visible to others, then a sensible alternative would be clear plastic face shields. In short: If you’ve got it, I don’t want to catch it. If I’ve got it, I don’t want you to catch it. Sounds fair to me.

Roger Lappin, Nanaimo

To the editor,

Re: Mask rules inconsistent, Letters, Sept. 23.

Reading the letter writer’s dislike of mandatory masks on transit, stating he is a Christian, and as such would obey God and not man, I must comment.

One of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt not kill.” It is better to give than receive didn’t mean to give a virus to others that can kill them.

As I read your letter, it smacked of ‘me,’ and not what I can do to help others. No one enjoys wearing masks, but we do this, not for ourselves, but to protect others.

I take it that you are getting your information about the efficacy of masks from ‘Dr.’ Donald Trump. He never lies.

Anita Bigland, Nanaimo

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