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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Web meetings should become the standard

Why are we transporting people when we really only need to transport ideas, asks letter writer
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To the editor,

Re: RDN votes against mileage allowance for walking, biking, Aug. 1.

Your story about Regional District of Nanaimo members wanting expand mileage allowances is a perfect example of backwards thinking. Why are we transporting people, when we really only need to transport ideas? Why not hold these meetings by video conferencing?

The whole point of modern technology is to stop waste and reduce our impact on the environment. Holding these meetings electronically would be a great example of a government organization living up to its environmental rhetoric.

Virtual meetings would not just be better for the environment, but would also save time and money.

Rather than municipal officials just talking the talk about climate emergencies, it would be nice to see some action.

S.I. Petersen, Nanaimo

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