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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Streets with bike lanes perfectly navigable

Slow down, be aware, learn to share the road, says letter writer

To the editor,

Cycling promotes good physical fitness, is low-cost transportation and doesn’t pollute, use fossil fuels or sap the power grid.

Cyclists are very aware of their surroundings as a 20-pound bike is no match against a 2,000-pound lethal weapon. They are not distracted drivers who are texting, eating, drinking, fiddling with a radio or with a dog bouncing from handlebar to handlebar. Unlike many motorists, they do not litter as this is detrimental to their road safety, nor do they leave behind swaths of rubber tires, twisted metal, sharp plastic and broken glass. They don’t drag race, blow through stop lights, do burnouts, catapult off highways into houses, or maim or kill pedestrians.

During last year’s snowfall I had to use my medi-scooter on both roads and bike lanes. Motorists were patient and accommodating, whereas cyclists are often met with loud horns, rude hand gestures and a plethora of profanities. Come on people, lighten up. Everybody’s tax dollars pay for roads, whether they use them or not, just like schools, libraries, rec centres, etc.

I fully support the promotion of environmentally friendly bike lanes and multi-use pathways, as we should all strive to achieve a lower carbon footprint. All roads must meet strict guidelines set forth by the ministry of transportation, be it new, upgraded or redesigned. If you feel you cannot safely navigate them, find another mode of transportation. You are risking the safety of yourself and others and the cost of police, firefighters and paramedics is a burden on society; the cost of a life, incalculable. Slow down, be aware, learn to share.

S. McLaren, Nanaimo

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