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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Street upgrades alarming

Terminal, Stewart and Wakesiah need to get cars back and forth efficiently, says letter writer
Letter writer expresses concern that the City of Nanaimo will design other streets in a similar style to Metral Drive. (News Bulletin file photo)

To the editor,

Re: Councillors opt not to add Wakesiah upgrades to city action plan, May 31.

Isn’t anyone else alarmed about the city’s plan to upgrade the streets of Nanaimo?

Are they planning to make Terminal Avenue and Stewart Avenue into another Metral Drive? Stewart Avenue, Terminal Avenue and Wakesiah Avenue are well-used streets that get cars back and forth in an efficient way. Planting trees and grass is not necessary to these fully functional streets. It makes me shudder at the thought of the possible messing with other important routes in this city. In the article it states “seeing the success of Metral,” which is a complete over-statement. There are thousands of people in the city that are unhappy with that result.

Many are struggling to pay their taxes. Making Terminal Avenue into a park should not become a further burden. Where are these beautification ideas coming from?

Stephanie Williams, Nanaimo

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