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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re-imagine prosperity without harming Earth

Corporations’ agenda does not end with a pipeline, it’s just the beginning, says letter writer
NEWS BULLETIN file photo Protesters attend a climate rally June 29 on the front lawn of Nanimo City Hall.

To the editor,

Clearly what is causing the controversy around this pipeline can be broken down into a mix-mash of lack factors from moral integrity to common sense.

When the benefits of a project such as this are based on bloated and unrealistic speculation void of facts, the result is bad judgment and zero foresight. Any wealth-oriented civilization would be able to paint a prosperous picture without killing its citizens or depleting our most valuable life-giving resource that is fresh water.

And, if anyone thinks this pipeline is the final shove these destructive corporations are trying to ram through, they had better think again; their agenda does not end with a pipeline, it’s just the beginning. Not only that, those multi-national conglomerates who own these oil companies based on tar sand supply don’t care this project is guaranteed to fail leaving only decimation in its bankruptcy wake. It’s just business to them, and for them.

What may be just business to them is a quality of life to us. Think about it, and then sip some water if you have it, with gratitude – many don’t.

Diane Babcock, Nanaimo

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