Land cleared for development in Lantzville. (News Bulletin file photo)

Land cleared for development in Lantzville. (News Bulletin file photo)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Municipalities can protect more of our ecosystems, not just old-growth

Development encroaches on natural environment, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: City councils ask for pause on logging old-growth, April 7.

The sage of our times knows to look to the horizon coming to understand what really needs our full attention. And it is from this horizonal gaze the sage today deeply comprehends that the ecosystem-writ-large, our residence, the home of humanity, is worrisomely compromised.

We might ask then whether city council is living up to its responsibility of providing sage advice and guidance to our community and its well-being given the deep concerns of our times.

Recently, council decided to ask the provincial government to maybe slow ‘some’ logging. This seems a tongue-in-cheek gesture given the disturbingly, incessant, endless approval by council to build, build, build, which is at once to approve ecosystem degradation.

Arguably, city council has succumbed to perseverating on this short-sighted, self-serving human activity with no serious sincere regard for the profound effects on the ecosystem.

Council needs to lead by articulating the wisdom of the sage-in-our-age, the wisdom of survival intelligence, that for the human community without a healthy environment there can be no healthful living therein.

Remember the proverb ‘out of house and home?’ To confuse building, building, building as being akin to creating a home is arguably a fool’s game. It is to navel-gaze, fixate on self-serving human desire ‘while Rome burns,’ while the ecosystem disintegrates and so too the future of humanity.

As individuals and as a community there is a need to fully understand that a house (i.e. development) is not a home (i.e. ecosystem). We disregard the quintessential importance of the latter at our peril – we will be ‘out of house and home.’

D. Worthing, Gabriola Island

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