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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mask rules inconsistent

Letter writer says he won’t pay fine for violating COVID-19 Related Measures Act
Photocopies of a violation ticket specifying an offence under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act.

To the editor,

I refuse to pay a fine for breaking a law that is not a law, but a fraud.

An officer and a transit supervisor tried to force me to wear a face mask. Medical professionals have stated over and over on TV that the face mask has no health or medical benefits whatsoever in preventing any and all viruses.

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Also I am a Christian. Shall I obey God or man? According to God’s word in the Bible, Christians are to stay away from all appearances of evil.

A store that has the same face mask policy as transit allowed me to shop as I stated as a Christian I would not wear a face mask. There was no retaliation, but friendliness, not like RDN Transit, which, along with RCMP, forced me off the bus. By the way, I’m 80 years old.

Government employees do not know, evidently, how to handle authority. It is a privilege, not an outlet of venting anger.

Dennis Olson, Nanaimo

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