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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Green space is preferable to more parking at park

City should minimize what gets cut down and paved, says letter writer
The city should try to preserve as much green space as possible and limit what gets cut down and paved for parking, says letter writer. (News Bulletin file photo)

To the editor,

Re: More parking needed than what’s planned at Westwood Lake Park, Letters, Aug. 24.

This reminds me of a line from an old Joni Mitchell song: “They paved paradise, put up a parking lot.”

Westwood Lake is zoned as a park, not a parking lot. Phase 1 of this project has been vetted with the local and broader community at great length. We need to preserve as much green space as possible for future generations, not erect lots full of asphalt paving. Trees will be cut down to accommodate this phase of the project.

If we continue to enlarge the parking lot, there will be no Westwood Lake Park.

Sharon Kofoed, Nanaimo

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