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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Freighters infringing on environmental rights

Ships degrading incredibly delicate Gulf Island marine ecosystem, says letter writer
Authorities aren’t responding to serious concerns about anchored ships causing degradation of the Gulf Island marine ecosystem, says letter writer. (News Bulletin file photo)

To the editor,

For far, far too long Transport Canada and the Vancouver Port Authority have been receiving myriad serious concerns about anchored ships causing degradation of the incredibly delicate Gulf Island marine ecosystem.

Yet they continue to wholly privilege an economic argument for their actions while feigning regard for the protection of the marine environment.

The thunderous silence on the part of VPA of any reference to thorough-going, demonstrable action concerning ‘marine environment well-being’ is deafening.It’s all about traffic management and anchorages. That’s it. They are very calculating in solidifying their agenda by soliciting public feedback. Arguably, this is demonstrative of the practicing of a certain subterfuge, a justifying of their agenda while assuaging public anger about marine environment degradation.

To repeat – it’s all about traffic management and anchorages. VPA’s current agenda concerns an expansion of, not a necessary significant reduction of anchorages around the Gulf Islands.

So, what about the extensive damage happening to the marine environment: sonic (air and water born), chemical (air and water born), visual (lights and appearance), marine life loss?

Who speaks for the billions of organisms from whales to kelp to plankton in the Gulf Island marine environment?

Take note – courts are now beginning to recognize that in law, like business-related organizations such as port authorities, the natural environment has individual rights regarding its well-being.

It is time to take the Vancouver Port Authority to court. And Transport Canada.

C. Worthing, Gabriola Island

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Authorities ignoring problems linked to freighter anchorages

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