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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Downtown fencing costly, unsightly

City can fence off areas without sacrificing charm, suggests letter writer
Workers erect fences around Italian Square Park after city bylaws officers and police asked people experiencing homelessness to move out. (News Bulletin file photo)

To the editor,

What if Nanaimo was to change the Italian fountain near Port Place Shopping Centre from water use to a lighting display and the whole green area fenced with a nice, tall, wrought-iron fence?

Within the fenced area, large sculptures could be installed. All work could be done by local artists and metal workers. The fence could be transparent enough so photos could be taken outside the fence by our tourists and others. This would be a draw to our city and solve a few issues.

Nanaimo really needs to look after what it has and it is not becoming of this city to allow areas to ‘fall apart’ and all these temporary fences look deplorable, likely costing the city plenty of money, too.

Instead of having another costly study let’s just get busy and repair and rethink these areas as they are truly what makes Nanaimo a treasure.

J. Tim Knowles, Nanaimo

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