Nanaimo City Hall. (News Bulletin photo)

Nanaimo City Hall. (News Bulletin photo)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Council tries to outspend past councils with property tax increases

Councillors have put on their ‘spending shoes,’ says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: City to explore user-pay system for stormwater, Dec. 1.

It is that time of the year when the City of Nanaimo puts on its spending shoes and races to outspend the last council.

They first start with the old smoke and mirrors saying the tax increase will be under four per cent, then after further review, by adding only ‘much-needed’ items, it is now 5.9 per cent. Then come all the non-tax increases called user fees like water, sewer, waste collection (14 per cent increase) etc. They are now thinking of no longer paying for storm water collection with tax dollars but add it to the non-tax items of user pays so they can increase it as they wish and it will not affect the percent of tax increase for that year.

Good news for the one per cent who ride bikes that if any extra fees are needed for bike lanes it will not come from user fees like so many other items but from the reserve fund which the city will remind you does not need to be repaid in 2022 taxes. They talk about the reserve fund like magical free money that was never taken from the taxpayers’ pockets and never has to be replaced. How nice but not true.

Terrence Wagstaff, Nanaimo

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