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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Climate science settled

Climate change denialism/skepticism is nothing but a campaign of doubt-mongering, says letter writer
NEWS BULLETIN file photo Protesters attend a climate rally two weekends ago on the front lawn of Nanimo City Hall.

To the editor,

Re: Dial is being turned up to ‘11’ on climate change hysteria, Letters, June 27.

The correlation between greenhouse gases and global warming has been known for over 150 years; the science of anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change has been settled for decades. There is simply no legitimate debate.

There is almost total unanimity among climate scientists around the world that human activities are indeed the dominant source of the rapid spike in carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere, which is precipitating the current runaway climate change. This is climate science that has met the standard of peer-review by those in the field of climatology, a very critical distinction.

Climate change denialism/skepticism is nothing but a campaign of doubt-mongering, created, encouraged, and financed by those market forces threatened by the reality of the true science.

If you doubt anthropogenic climate change, consider that more than half of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels has been emitted in the last three decades alone.

Young people have every right to be concerned about their future; they are to be commended for their engagement. It is they who will inherit the world that we leave behind. Time is of the essence; let’s not listen to the naysayers and get on with the task at hand.

Murray Chantler, Qualicum Beach

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