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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Citizens should show respect for city streets

Too many littering on the streets and failing to pick up after their pets, say letter writers
All this litter being strewn about the city warrants an education campaign, says letter writer. (Stock photo)

To the editor,

I walk along both sides and in both directions of Old Victoria Road. Two weeks ago I’d seen enough of the litter along my route. With latex gloves and a large garbage bag, I picked up every piece of litter that I saw other than cigarette butts. It took me two outings of two hours each to pick up the garbage where I walked, and I wound up with two very stuffed yard-waste bags of litter.

This situation needs an education campaign. Laziness and disregard for our environment are turning random areas and ditches into mini landfills. Do people stop for an instant and ponder, ‘What would happen if everybody did what I’m doing now?’ Apparently not, because the amount of garbage that has re-accumulated in the two weeks since I cleaned up those ditches is unbelievable.

The City of Nanaimo and/or the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure need to begin an anti-littering campaign, with signs posted and hefty fines for those being caught. There are armies of people out there who don’t think twice about tossing their garbage out the car window. I just don’t get it.

Glen Whitehead, Nanaimo

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t add to litter problem

To the editor,

Nanaimo is a nice town. There are many beautiful parks and walking areas where you can spend your free time.

I live in south Nanaimo. My wife, our grandchildren and me used to walk a lot around the area and have fun, but there are some concerns I want to share.

In some streets you cannot feel comfortable to walk because mostly blackberries and some other wild stuff are on your way making your walk difficult.

On both sides of the streets even on the sidewalk or on the grass you can see pet’s poops that make your walk unpleasant and miserable. One of my grandchildren told me to count the poops in a grass area in the south end and there were 21 of them. Is that not unbelievable?

What I should answer to my grandchildren when they ask me why it happens in my town?

Of course, both the above concerns (better to say problems) are very big responsibilities of the citizens, but when they do not obey the rules, city hall should act immediately.

Hope the new mayor and new councillors will take this suggestion into consideration.

Zyko Zeqollari, Nanaimo

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