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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Carbon tax hike hard on families

Not everyone can decrease their fuel use, says letter writer
The carbon tax increase puts unreasonable expectations on British Columbians to shoulder the cost of pollution, says letter writer. (Black Press Media file photo)

To the editor,

Re: Carbon tax climbs 3.3 cents per litre, April 4.

Our premier has said that B.C.’s carbon tax puts a price on pollution to encourage individuals, businesses and industry to reduce emissions and switch to cleaner, more sustainable economic activity and investments in low-carbon innovation.

Putting a price on pollution to encourage people to switch to more sustainable economic activity is a cruel expectation for the single parent on minimum wage raising a family of three children. It is already very difficult to keep a roof over their heads, buy food and run and maintain a beater of a vehicle. This philosophy is not a problem for the politician earning a six-figure salary and a car and travel allowance.

If we take our premier’s thinking to its logical end, he would put gas at $10 a litre so carbon emissions would be drastically reduced right away.

For the government to say it is returning the tax to those who can least afford it is a diversion from reality. The amount received as a tax credit is not even close to the amount paid by the average family in B.C. Do the math and it is painfully obvious.

There are many people in this province who cannot use less fuel on a day-to-day basis. Think of those driving transport trucks, buses, taxis, trains and aircraft as well as the day-to-day necessities for living.

How much of the carbon tax has been used to install any more wind power generators, solar cells or increased hydro electric capacity? If all of these tax monies are not used to mitigate climate change and not returned to the taxpayers, it is nothing more than a cash grab in disguise.

It is time for our government to be more open and honest about carbon taxes.

Vincent Garnett, Ladysmith

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