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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bus loop decision dulls enthusiasm to participate in democratic process

Letter writer says there was ‘overwhelming’ opposition to transit exchange on Terminal Avenue
An artist’s rendering showing designs of a new transit exchange along Terminal Avenue downtown. (City of Nanaimo image)

To the editor,

Re: Money in place for $15-million bus exchange on Terminal, Sept. 27.

I have engaged in the past in surveys, referendums, etc., because I believe, as a long-term resident of Nanaimo, that all citizens have a responsibility to the betterment of our community. But no more. What’s the point?

We residents are clearly having our time wasted in answering the city’s questionnaires and giving our feedback. City council has been told unequivocally, many times, by a huge number of citizens that putting a bus exchange on Terminal near arguably one of the biggest trouble spots in town is not wanted. But still the city is going ahead with it, so what’s the point of giving overwhelming feedback?

I am going to be very interested to see what the city has got planned for the existing bus exchange on Front Street and who will ultimately benefit from its development.

Lee O’Brien, Nanaimo

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To the editor,

Re: Money in place for $15-million bus exchange on Terminal, Sept. 27.

The city has done the worst it could by announcing it’s placing a bus exchange across from the fountain downtown. I won’t even walk the area anymore because of how sketchy they’ve let the area become. This city council and city management should be ashamed at what they’ve done – or should I say, haven’t done.

B.M. Mayer, Nanaimo

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