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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Building bike lanes isn’t giving citizens value for tax dollars

Cyclists aren’t using new bike lane on Metral Drive, says letter writer
Letter writer hasn’t observed any cyclists using new bike lane on Metral Drive. (News Bulletin file photo)

To the editor,

Who on city council thought bike lanes would be tax dollars well spent?

All these lanes that have been built and are still being built are useless. I have seen two cyclists total on the lanes. The one on Metral has seen no cyclists, and yet my tax dollars are going to go up because of some whim of council.

Did you even do a feasibility study before you decided to throw our money away? You may as well have just burned it. Is this going to be the reason our taxes go up yet again?

What happened to just painting a line to mark bike lanes for the plethora of cyclists who use them?

Greg Tonon, Nanaimo

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