A conceptual drawing of ‘complete streets’ work on Front Street in downtown Nanaimo.(McElhanney image)

A conceptual drawing of ‘complete streets’ work on Front Street in downtown Nanaimo.(McElhanney image)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bike lanes necessary for safety

It is difficult and dangerous to cycle downtown, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: Work set to start on Front Street cycle track in downtown Nanaimo, March 5.

Before everyone floods the News Bulletin’s inbox complaining about Nanaimo wasting taxpayer money on dedicated bike lanes on Front Street, hurry and get out there for a ride and experience how difficult and dangerous it is to cycle downtown.

One cannot (legally) ride on the paths in Maffeo Sutton Park and the hill starting at Cliff Street has a dangerous curve; it is dicey even to walk on the sidewalk there. Bicycles then hold up traffic on Front Street as there is no room to ride with the parked cars and idling delivery trucks.

Front Street bike lanes will connect to all the work being done on the waterfront and the dedicated lanes going to the heliport. Plus it will be easier to connect with the expanded sidewalk on Haliburton in order to get to south Nanaimo, Cedar and the Parkway Trail.

The interest in cycling exploded during the pandemic and the demand for e-bikes increases the number of riders who deserve a safe means of commuting and recreation. Money well spent for the people of Nanaimo. Thank you council.

Eleanor Thompson, Nanaimo

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