Weirdness adds colour to the world, says letter writer.

Weirdness adds colour to the world, says letter writer.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Being weird is something that should be embraced

I love being weird because it means I get to be myself, says letter writer

To the editor,

Weird. It’s a term that’s often used by people to describe something they don’t understand. It’s just a word when you think about it, and its true meaning is to be of extraordinary character, to be magical.

I used to get upset being called weird until I really started thinking about what that meant. And then I started welcoming it; I started taking it as a compliment. I love being weird because it means I get to be myself. And no one word can take that away from anyone.

Being called weird simply means you don’t conform to the standards of the status quo. They can’t put a label on you, and it confuses them. They’ll listen to your music, they’ll buy your art, but the interest is almost always superficial. Some people are jealous of the magic you possess. And they get frustrated because they can’t take it away from you. It’s a beautiful gift, given to a select few.

So, yeah, we’re weird. We are the non-conformists, beautifully unique and we are the ones who bring the colour into this world. We operate at a higher level of consciousness that conformists will never understand. So, celebrate your weirdness. Your individuality. Let that freak flag fly, baby. Be proud of who you are because who the heck wants to be anyone else?

Kimberley Dowson, Nanaimo

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