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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Alleviate housing crisis through new development

City should require developers to offer rent-to-income accommodations, says letter writer
The city should require developers to set aside a certain number of units to be rented out under a rent-to-income formula, says letter writer. (Stock photo)

To the editor,

Re: City of Nanaimo issues $400 million in building permits, second-highest dollar value ever, March 22.

Most of these permits are for apartment buildings, townhouses, or condos.

How many will be allocated as rent-to-income accommodations? You can bet none will be under current city policies.

Why does this city which has citizens full of fear living within its boundaries, not say to developers that a building permit needs to come with a designation of 20 per cent of the proposed units as rent-to-income accommodations? If the developer refuses, then so long, been good to know ya.

We have citizens being shot and stabbed, robbed and assaulted by those who desperately need our help. Is it not time for those big-time developers to also pay and is it not also time for our city council to seriously look at this as a solution? Is it not also time for our homeless to have a home to live in?

June Ross, Nanaimo

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