Legalizing cannabis would solve problems

Re: Trustee’s past not something to laugh off, Letters, Dec. 15.

To the Editor,

Re: Trustee’s past not something to laugh off, Letters, Dec. 15.

Madeline Bruce continues her recent pattern of using shoddy science and misunderstood claims to justify her beliefs.

She cites Carol Falkowski, who claims 100,000 people a year seek treatment for cannabis addiction in the U.S.

Leaving aside the fact that this assertion is not backed up by hard data and that Falkowski is a heavily biased source, what Bruce fails to recognize is that in the U.S., the vast majority of all those seeking rehabilitation for ‘marijuana addiction’ are doing so for the sole reason that they have been brought to trial for possession of a small amount of the drug, wherein they are given the choice to go to jail and have a criminal record, or to declare they are ‘addicted’ and seek treatment.

According to the U.S. justice deptartment website, “The criminal justice system actually serves as the largest referral source for drug treatment programs.”

What Bruce mistakenly feels is an epidemic, is actually just thousands of happy people who enjoy smoking cannabis who have been criminalized by unjust laws and opt, understandably, to mitigate their punishment by seeking treatment.

No doubt Falkowski knows this but chooses to be deceptive; Bruce seems simply clueless of the bigger picture.

As for keeping cannabis out of the hands of children, the only method to accomplish this is to legalize and regulate it.

It is easier for high school kids to get cannabis than alcohol or illicit prescription drugs.

Why? They are regulated, whereas Bruce and her ilk would prefer cannabis to be left in the hands of gangs who do indeed prey on children.

Whelm King