Legalized marijuana solves worries

Re: Change proposed for medicinal pot access program, June 23.

To the Editor,

Re: Change proposed for medicinal pot access program, June 23.

I would like to address some of the misleading information provided in statements from Ron Lambert.

He speaks about fire hazards created by grow-ops.  There is a world of difference between a ‘grow-op’ and a licensed cannabis production site. How many fires has Nanaimo Fire Rescue attended in licensed sites?

A huge fire hazard in illegal operations is created because of the bypassing of hydro meters to avoid detection. Legal producers have no need to do this, and because of their legal status, do not have to fear bringing in licensed electricians to ensure safety in their installations.

Contrary to the fear propaganda being spread, there is no incentive for medical growers to exceed their licensed numbers (many are restricted to 15 plants). If they do so, they have jumped through the extensive legal hoops for nothing.

Cases in which licensed users have been charged with exceeding permitted numbers often involve the inclusion of unrooted cuttings as plants.

One patient who was charged indicated he was an unskilled grower, and with a success rate of 25 per cent in striking cuttings, he had to start 100 to get 25.

Many patients live on disability payments, often around $1,100 per month, and this does not provide the funds to purchase overpriced cannabis of unknown quality. They may have experimented for years to find the specific strains that best treat their medical conditions.

The problems related to cannabis are caused by its illegality. The only solution is to end prohibition and eliminate a big cash producer for criminals.

Glenda Allard Barr