Lantzville’s values lost in farm debate

Re: Lantzville council’s actions sheer pettiness to farmer, Letters, Aug. 2.

To the Editor,

Re: Lantzville council’s actions sheer pettiness to farmer, Letters, Aug. 2.

I can’t be quiet about Compassion Farm one more minute.

I read Coun. Warren Griffey’s letter (Lantzville looking for farm solutions, Letters, July 23) and if this is how informed our council is, then shame on Lantzville.

He sarcastically said that “maybe we should tear up our grandmother’s lawn and plant vegetables” and he doesn’t know how right he was.

His issue about the manure is so far wrong, he knows nothing about this.  A farmer does not use fresh manure to begin with.

We buy manure in bags at our garden centres to use in our gardens.  It does not smell.

Even fresh manure has a short-term smell. My daughter lives on an acreage in Nanoose and her horses are only 20 feet off of her deck and you cannot smell the manure.

Now the District of Lantzville has cancelled Compassion Farm’s booth at Minetown Days in Lantzville. It is the only one of its kind.

Anyone who has met Dirk Becker and Nicole Shaw or been to the farm knows how passionate they are about getting local grown food to the population in this area. Never will you meet anyone who is more helpful and more informative than these two.

It seems to me it comes down to values. Do you value grass and landscaping more than food?

We even have the First Lady of the U.S., Michelle Obama, telling people to get rid of the grass and grow food to feed your families.

Shame on Lantzville. Our good little town has now become the town of who knows who and no values regarding people and what is needed.

Joanne Drummond