Job prospects the problem for men, not sexism

Encouraging young men to go up north to work for the oil and mining corporations instead of going to university is short-term thinking.

To the Editor,

Re: Either gender can lead, innovate, Letters, July 30.

In Ms. Lehmer’s rebuttal to my letter, she did not seem to understand my main point in my concern about there being too much emphasis on encouraging young men to enter into resource exploitation industries.

Encouraging young men to go up north to work  for the oil, gas and mining corporations instead of thinking about going to university is my concern because it is short term.

Work is good, but our society needs to begin the paradigm shift and begin to meet all our needs within our own region instead of being in bondage to multinational corporations. Our national debt soars no matter how much we exploit the Earth and sell our country and we need to think differently.

I think we could create a society without the need for money and we would live more like a community. We would trade real goods, share the land without foreign ownership, and the greatest aspiration would be for young people to have the opportunity to find their true love.

Holden SouthwardNanaimo