Handling of garden issue disappointing

Re: Urban agriculture can’t be held back, Letters, July 7.

To the Editor,

Re: Urban agriculture can’t be held back, Letters, July 7.

I am writing today in disbelief of how our elected officials in the District of Lantzville have acted.

I have lived in Lantzville for 14 years and have thoroughly enjoyed living in a community that has retained its rural lifestyle.

My respect for the Lantzville mayor and all but one councillor came into question several months ago when news of the Compassion Farm surfaced.

Having a horticultural background and a strong interest in sustainable practices, this story caught my interest. So much so, that I attended a council meeting on July 11.

During the meeting it became apparent that mayor and council had made its mind up on the issue.

Other than Coun. Rod Negrave, none had any interest in addressing the discussion surrounding Compassion Farm. All I heard through the meeting was the fear of manure affecting ground water.

There has been a tremendous amount of research done on this topic and it is extremely complex, with many variables involved.

Does council realize that using synthetic fertilizer would be more harmful? Has anyone tested these wells to see if there has been any effect? Was raw manure seen on site once or is this a regular occurrence? Why did the mayor and council not share their concerns with Compassion Farm and look for a solution?

I would expect our mayor and council to visit the farm, discuss concerns they have regarding this operation, talk it out and come to some understanding.

Instead they seem to be pushing the buttons by hiring a Victoria law firm to pursue this in court. I would say that this is a waste of my tax dollars and they are not acting in Lantzville’s best interest.

Is the Compassion Farm breaking some bylaws growing vegetables on a residentially zone piece of property which is sold at a public market? Apparently so.

Is this the best way of dealing with the situation? In my mind, no.

Do we need to work together and find a solution that everyone is happy with? Yes.

I have always been proud of my community. At this point I am extremely disappointed in the actions of our local government.

Jamie Wallace