Green support fading

Elizabeth May has made other statements with little separation between fact and fiction.

To the Editor,

About six weeks before the last federal election, Elizabeth May was first out of the gate of all the parties in launching her Green Party platform, announcing how her fully costed platform had several pillars, the first and foremost being a sustainable economy. Of course, in her position as leader of a caucus of two – one of whom had crossed the floor from the NDP – she could promise the Earth, sun, moon and sky, as she would never have to keep any of her promises. She pledged that there would be no tanker traffic permitted on the West Coast of Canada, nor in the St. Lawrence River, in keeping with her decades-long crusade of misinformation surrounding tanker safety.

She has made other statements with little separation between fact and fiction. Just three days before last October’s election, she confidently declared on national television that her party would gain about a dozen seats when votes were counted. She would be the power broker in the new parliament, and Vancouver Island would be going Green. In fact, all Vancouver Island ridings have a distinctly orange NDP footprint, except for a tiny Green toehold in Saanich where May won the party’s solitary seat. Caucus meetings are now conveniently held in a public bathroom stall in Ottawa.

More controversial figures were published last month, informing what party leaders spent to retain their parliamentary seats. Justin Trudeau spent $183,000 in Montreal; Stephen Harper spent $117,0000 in Calgary; Tom Mulcair spent $105,000 in Montreal; and Elizabeth May spent $230,000 in Saanich.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland had the Queen of Hearts who was utterly absurd, and it seems that Canada’s Queen of Green is following suit.

Bernie SmithParksville