Global warming predictions fail to materialize

To the Editor,

Re: Plenty of ‘talk’ of global warming, Letters, May 31.

Ian Gartshore draws a perverse conclusion from the fact more and more people trust their own observations about climate change and no longer take global warming scare stories seriously.

He believes all bad weather proves global warming. Therefore he concludes floods in Manitoba and tornadoes in Missouri mean we should not bask in the enjoyment of our temperate climate.

The Climategate e-mails revealed that government-funded scientists adopted a policy of predicting dire events to scare the public into believing in rising temperatures.

An old stock market maxim counsels that if you make a prediction and it does not pan out, make another prediction. Global warmers do this in spades. To no one’s surprise, a few of their prognostications have come true. But that does not prove the world is heating up. It just means they made a lot of predictions.

The main weapon against global warming is increased taxes on energy. Food production requires a lot of energy so higher food prices must result.

For many of the billion-plus people in the world who live on less than $1 per day, rising food costs amount to a death sentence. Just once I’d like to hear global warmers acknowledge the potential victims of their policies.

Gordon Pratt