Gas prices leave little to be thankful for

NANAIMO: Driver ticked at overnight jump in cost of gas.

To the Editor,

I had the anxious experience of being low on gas Wednesday, and drove around running errands all over the city, keeping my eyes open for the cheapest gas prices.

My jaw dropped when I first saw $1.37 per litre. By the time I saw the same price all over Nanaimo, my jaw was propped up by my gas pedal.

The price had gone up 10 cents per litre in the blink of an eye.

In the possible likelihood that my computer-assisted arithmetic is correct, $1.37 per litre equals $5.31 a gallon.

Remembering an exceptionally cheap and friendly gas station just outside of town, I decided to risk the extra expensive kilometres to try to find it.

Driving south, there’s a co-op station just before the Cedar intersection with gas at $1.26 per litre.

As I filled up, I grumbled to another customer why did this happen? How could the price of gas shoot up so suddenly?

She answered, “Thanksgiving Day weekend.”

Pure capitalism working its magic.

It’s time to start growing our own vegetables and taking up marathon walking.

Maybe the strong swimmers among us could make it to the mainland.

J. Katelnikoff