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Gas cost sends drivers to Ladysmith to fill up

NANAIMO – It's worth the drive to Ladysmith for cheaper gasoline.

To the Editor,

Let me add my name to the growing list of folks irritated with the gas prices in Nanaimo.

Last week I noticed that the price has now risen to 132.9 per litre.

I absolutely refuse to pay that price. I go to Ladysmith – believe me it is worth the drive. While I’m there I get my groceries, maybe a nice lunch, check out the shops and just enjoy the quaint city as well as its oceanfront park.

To me, the gas price is also hurting businesses in Nanaimo because from the number of cars at those pumps in Ladysmith, I don’t think I am alone.

If you must buy your gas in Nanaimo, please do not get your car washed, buy milk, cigarettes or ‘convenience’ foods there, as you’re gouged on that as well.

When is Costco gas coming to town?

Judy Davies