Gabriolans seem to want to be cut off

I do not and will not support the people that turned down a bridge to their island.

To the Editor,

Re: Gabriolans left stranded, Editorial, Nov. 21.

The writer of the editorial suggests that there should be a hew and a cry, and we will support them. Please speak for yourself, I do not and will not support the people that turned down a bridge to their island, because it would take away the serenity of Gabrolia. Well if it is serenity they want, they should be happy that B.C. Ferries is cutting trips to their island. I can see less drunks arriving at late hours from Nanaimo’s late-night activity.

A bridge is the answer, but stubborn Gabriolaites are dead against it, so why should we as taxpayers support them? The writer says we will be cutting off our friends, relatives and neighbours, get real, it is only a late-night ferry cut, something they are making too much of a big deal about. I say to the writer, if it is such an inconvenience to the ferry-dependent community, then let them support a bridge, and I will support a hew and a cry for them. Then they will not be dependent on the ferry system. I do agree with the writer when he states, Nanaimo residents cannot keep forking over fare increases to subsidize those that want to live on the islets. The writer states that it will hurt our arts and culture scene and downtown nightlife. Arts and culture goes on during the sailing period of the ferry without the last runs being cut, and it can and will be worked out to Gabriola residents’ advantage.

And where do you get off stating that it will cut Gabriola off from us? Two sailings will not deter the effect that Gabriola has on Nanaimo. Gabriolans left stranded, what a joke.

Dave NobleNanaimo