Facilitator costly, but dam work costlier

Polite and respectful behaviour is important for working together as a team, but where is the outrage over more important issues?

To the Editor,

Re: Chamber of commerce leads petition to fix council relationships, Sept. 24.

How is it that intelligent people are putting so much energy into insisting on decorum at council meetings and not so much into why we are spending millions of dollars, with incomplete and faulty information, to prepare for a 34,000-year event? Or why our mayor has refused to represent the will of council? Or why the Dam Safety Section is insisting that we spend millions with incomplete and faulty information?

I think polite and respectful behaviour is important for working together as a team, but come on, where is the outrage over other more important issues?

I say yes to respectful communication, I say yes to working together to represent citizens best interest, but I also say yes to insisting on accountability from our governing body.

Roblyn HunterNanaimo


To the Editor,

Everybody running for public office claims they are the best person for the job and promise to spend tax dollars wisely. So why is the first thing they do, after being elected, is spend taxpayer dollars on ‘experts’ to mask their own shortcomings?

If you run for an elected position you should realize not everybody is going to like all your ideas and sometimes votes are going to go against you. Please act like mature adults. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for a referee.

S. I. PetersenNanaimo