Elected officials must disclose information on Colliery dams

NANAIMO – Re: Ministry meets with council on Colliery dams, June 9.

To the Editor,

Re: Ministry meets with council on Colliery dams, June 9.

In the public interest, perhaps the mayor and five councillors could share with the citizens of Nanaimo what was contained in the information package that they provided to the deputy minister of forests, lands and natural resource operations and the comptroller of water rights.

Why aren’t the officials (who were elected to represent by means of an at-large system) disclosing more information to the public regarding the Chase River dams predicament?

It was an injustice that so few citizens were afforded the opportunity to witness the marathon special council meeting of May 19, which was not videotaped.

The city’s legal counsel was in attendance to provide advice and explain the stay and appeal process, under conditions which were, at times, trying.

No doubt, there is much emotion connected to the 100-year-old dams. However, aren’t there standards and regulations in place that apply to any public safety issue regarding dams in a residential community?

Don’t elected officials have a duty to do what is in the best interests of Nanaimo’s citizenry over the long term?

Janet Irvine