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Editorial: Let’s care for ourselves and each other this Christmas

We can find a balance and brighten the holidays for others without overextending ourselves
If we’re feeling overwhelmed this Christmas, we’re not alone. (Stock photo)

Most of us look forward to this time of year. Sometimes, though, Christmas and everything that comes with it can become overwhelming.

We can feel obligated to try to pack in every event or tradition that we’ve ever enjoyed during the holiday season, plus the new activities that look like fun. We’ve enjoyed these things in the past, so they should give us a warm and happy feeling again, goes the logic. We made shortbread last year, how can we possibly skip it this year? It’s easy to see how we can start to take on too much.

If we’re feeling overwhelmed this Christmas, we’re not alone. If it feels more like an obligation than like fun, consider crossing it off this year’s list. There’s nothing to say we can’t do it next year instead. Hustle and bustle may have become synonymous with the holiday season, but there needs to be a balance – giving of ourselves to try to make others merry, while at the same time taking care of ourselves.

We should try to keep in mind, too, that this time of year can be hard for people who may be trying to forget certain Christmases past, or who may be struggling with their present-day circumstances. Acknowledging this and letting people feel how they feel is important. They may already feel out of step because of the continual messaging about how we’re all supposed to be merry and bright this month.

Anyone who needs support can find resources at, and

We wish our readers merry Christmas and happy holidays. May we be healthy, safe, warm and cared for.