Dog owners should pay annual fees

Re: Contentious dog issue another head-scratcher, Letters, March 29.

To the Editor,

Re: Contentious dog issue another head-scratcher, Letters, March 29.

I do not have a problem with dogs or off-leash dog parks, as long as not all parks become off-leash.

Parks were invented for people to enjoy (including dogs on leashes that are trained and socialized).

Dogs destroy the flora and fauna in the parks by running free.

Instead of regaling us with an emotional outpouring for dogs, be realistic, and remember the world is for everyone, not just you and your dog.

I am a taxpayer and feel that responsible dog owners should be footing the bills for their pets.

I have had many pets (including a dog) and have asked no one to foot the bill for me.

Maybe the city could make some money by charging dog owners a user fee paid yearly – a swipe card for park usage and maintenance, as well as those beautiful green doggy bags that are not always used, as evidenced on my daily walk through Maffeo Sutton Park where the walkway is littered with dog feces or bags tossed to the side. Also in Maffeo Sutton, dogs are off-leash all the time.

Where is the bylaw officer to enforce the rules? How about some bylaw officers instead of a $140,000/year spin doctor?  I would much rather stroll through a clean park if I am a visiting tourist or resident.

Barbara May