Defence of honour laughable puffery

Re: Wear-green effort lacks respect, Letters, June 2.

To the Editor,

Re: Wear-green effort lacks respect, Letters, June 2.

Speaking of laughably over the top – who wasn’t entertained by Jim Corder’s latest, overblown bit of puffery in defence Canada’s honour?

No one needs to scratch the Canadian veneer very deeply to expose the duplicity and subterfuge – foreign and domestic – that is Canada; notwithstanding the Quixotic, blind reluctance of some writers to do so.

But more importantly – as it’s fundamental to the detriment the ‘laughably over the top’ does the world – note how dogmatically determined the Zeitgeist faithful are toward the preservation of the arithmetic attached to debt, and yet, how they never question the propriety of money created as a private, debt instrument; the system of international peonage which does naught but transfer the wealth and labour of nations into the hands of a privileged “investor” class.

Better an enforced austerity program than a display of compassion for fellow villains, right?

What is it Iago says of the Moor and nose-rings?

Or would we do better, here, paraphrasing H.G. Wells’ closing to When the Sleeper Wakes?

David S. Dunaway

South Wellington