Debate on smart meters one-sided

NANAIMO: Re: Smart meter installation nears end, Oct. 30.

To the Editor,

Re: Smart meter installation nears end, Oct. 30.

Has anyone stopped to think about the fact that when our government or a company like B.C. Hydro wants something, all of the promotion is one sided?

We are never treated as the intelligent thinking human beings that we are. Never do they present both sides of the argument and allow us the opportunity to decide what is in our best interest, but rather they present only the side of the argument that sits positively in their favour and ultimately steers our opinion to their desired outcome.

It is happening right now with respect to B.C. Hydro’s smart meter program and the Northern Gateway pipeline project. It is propaganda at its finest and if history demonstrates one thing, this behaviour generally produces a bad outcome on behalf of the public.

Tobacco companies stifled the truth about their product for years. The Ethyl Corporation covered up and denied that lead in gasoline was any cause for concern.

If you are still skeptical about any hazards associated with B.C. Hydro smart meters, then ask any Hydro representative to provide you with both the pros and the cons of the meters.

After listening to their response it will become crystal clear that they are hiding the truth.

And while we’re doing that, let’s ask ourselves why Tom Fletcher never has anything negative or derogatory to say about anything that is stamped with the B.C. Liberal government agendas?

James G. Smith