Dams will never be rebuilt

NANAIMO – Re: Colliery dams demolished as soon as possible, News Bulletin online, May 14.

To the Editor,

Re: Colliery dams demolished as soon as possible, News Bulletin online, May 14.

Save the Colliery Dams Society, which represents some 2,000 people, presented a common sense option: make a design, hire a competent dam-building firm, take out the middle dam, rebuild it, remove the lower dam, rebuild it with a hydro substation, work to be completed by spring 2015.

According to the city’s own contracted engineer’s report, this was the most cost-effective option for both keeping the lakes and the park, and those engineers didn’t mention the money-making hydro plant.

Instead, city council voted five to four (Diane Brennan, Ted Greves, John Ruttan, Diana Johnstone, George Anderson versus Fred Pattje, Jim Kipp, Bill Bestwick, Bill McKay) in favour of destroying both dams immediately, thereby spending more money, creating more devastation, making an entire park unusable, dangerous and ugly for years until they get around to designing and building new dams.

No surprise since Colliery Dam Park was not even included in the maps of Harewood at the recent Harewood Community Plan open house.

Given the lack of discussion and speed with which council passed the motion, I don’t believe for one instant the city plans to rebuild the dams. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Have those council members who voted in favour ever thought that people have the right to take the risks they choose?

Who are they to devalue homes and spend taxpayers’ money and force them to be safe.

Perhaps they should all move to Saskatchewan and quit worrying about one in every 10,000-year earthquakes.

Christel Martin