Daffodils not harmed during photo shoot

To the Editor,

Re: City offering dog education classes, Letters, April 14.

I feel it necessary to write a response regarding letters and beefs about the photo of my dog sniffing daffodils at the park. I did not have the opportunity to read the beef but it is my understanding that it wasn’t flattering.

Being a responsible dog owner, obviously my dog was not running wild through the flower beds. The photographer asked if I would allow him to photograph my dog with the daffodils as a spring photo theme. It was a staged photo and at no time was my dog off-leash and no flowers were harmed in the taking of this photo.

I also feel it necessary to comment on the double standard set around different breeds of dogs.

I have always been an owner of large, bully type dog breeds and find it so sad that people have a negative image preset in their minds. Quite often I am approached by small dog owners whose dogs are off-leash, snapping barking and out of control.

My large dogs generally respond with a sniff and air of confidence – zero aggression. All dogs have the capacity to be aggressive. As owners, it is how we raise them, control them and love them that defines who they grow up to be.

I find it so sad that people find the need to beef about a light-hearted spring photo when the world is presently in more turmoil then ever before. You should redirect your energies to more pressing issues in the world.

Abi Guitard