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Cuts necessary if departments affected shown to be bloated

Re: Science support crucial to society, Saturday Beat, July 21.

To the Editor,

Re: Science support crucial to society, Saturday Beat, July 21.

Toby Gorman would have us believe that because of budget cuts in areas he deems critical to a successful society, these departments are being eliminated.

Does he base this opinion on any facts other than information being put forth by those likely to be personally affected by these cuts?

Is it possible that the departments referred to are already bloated and these cuts will simply remove some of the fat and require more efficiencies to be found?

As for the precision some of these ‘sciences’ bring to society, ask the commercial fishing fleet their opinion of the science behind the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

It is not unusual for these scientists to be surprised from one year to the next where all these returning salmon come from or why the salmon return is so low. The collapse of the cod fishery on the east coast was also under the watchful eye of these scientists.

The assertion is made that we all can agree that climate change is real; fair enough. Now what is offered that climate change will inevitably take the course being predicted?

Given that fossilized tropical palms have been found in Nanaimo, I am sure we can all agree to the fact that the climate does indeed change. If weather forecasting accuracy is another example of how much we should rely on this scientific information I would beg to differ.

Gorman’s reaction to government cuts is typical of all of us who call on the government for fiscal responsibility provided they do not gore any of our sacred cows. Does he believe that we can simply keep running deficit budgets and keep ever-increasing the size of the national debt?

If he doesn’t, perhaps he can offer some suggestions of his own for balancing the country’s books that we can all agree to.

In the meantime, suggesting that these government departments are running like well-oiled machines at peak efficiency and are not bloated should be supported by more than the opinion of some who might be unemployed as a result.

Jim Taylor



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