Council priorities don’t match those of taxpayers

NANAIMO – Re: Theatre renovation a poor use of cash, Letters, March 16.

To the Editor,

Re: Theatre renovation a poor use of cash, Letters, March 16.

I agree with George Oliver.

City council pays out taxpayers’ monies for different objectives in Nanaimo to the loudest whiners.

But when it comes to beautifying suburbs/city streets through ideas from it’s citizens, it does not have enough money.

I contacted public works in regards to cleaning up our boulevards from discarded debris and was told the city would not put extra garbage disposals at appropriate locations around Nanaimo, as it has no money for a project of that size.

I donated a garbage can on the 600 block of Bruce Avenue and have maintained it for the last four months to see if it would make a difference.

It has made a significant difference. The students/residents have been helpful in keeping the area clean by utilizing the garbage can – I get a full can every week.

Do mayor and council care at all about the city?

It is going to cost more to maintain the $100,000 toilet downtown than supply garbage cans.

Garbage trucks could stop at them and empty them as needed. I am sure for a few more dollars, the garbage collectors could be convinced to do this.

I know the can on Bruce Avenue is doing an excellent job of keeping the area clear of debris.

Dave Noble