Council anticipated a public acceptance

NANAIMO – Re: Active protest could save dams, Letters, Nov. 29.

To the Editor,

Re: Active protest could save dams, Letters, Nov. 29.

How much is the City of Nanaimo willing to spend trying to convince thousands of residents opposed to the destruction of the Colliery Dam Park dams that it is correct?

Two well-planned and beautifully presented open houses could not have been cheap. Now, constant updates to the city’s website and newspaper ads every week are the rule. When will it end?

The truth is the city thought the residents of Nanaimo would be passive.

When opposition to its plans resulted in hundreds of letters of opposition, a meeting attended by 600 residents from all over the city, and a Facebook group with more than 1,100 members, did it admit that its plans were undemocratic and poorly thought out and reconsider how to fully involve residents in developing a better plan?

If our new communications manager is worth his weight, perhaps the city should start listening to the concerns of local residents, not engaging in a propaganda war paid for by taxpayers’ dollars.

Communication involves both talking and listening.

Brad Maguire