Cost of gasoline drops sluggishly

Re: Gas price reflects other costs, Letters, June 19.

To the Editor,

Re: Gas price reflects other costs, Letters, June 19.

Paul McDowell makes a number of salient points in his recent letter. However, he did not address the incompatibility concerning the rapidity of rising gas prices versus the sluggish way in which price reductions take place.

For instance, the last major increase we all suffered was one of 10 cents per litre. That’s quite a hefty amount, even more obvious if figured in the old measure at 45 cents per gallon.

This happened overnight, not spread over several days or weeks, which is, without doubt, the way in which the price will fall – providing it actually does.

It’s hard to believe that the price of any commodity should show such markedly different characteristics in the way in which it’s price fluctuates up and down.

Consequently, despite McDowell’s many valid points, I am left with the thought that there is still something rotten in the state of Denmark.

Garry Bradford