Constructive action necessary

Re: Occupiers issued notices for court appearance, Dec. 3.

To the Editor,

Re: Occupiers issued notices for court appearance, Dec. 3.

It seems that the squatters – Occupiers – want to share the benefits of others’ work.

Their mantra – they are adamant that one per cent of the population control 99 per cent of the money, and that the 99 per cent are very poor.

These demonstrators somehow want to have a share in the money generated by the one per cent, with no reason that they should except that the ‘rich’ have money, and they want it.

Further, they are unclear as to who is in the one per cent.

Are those families who work hard, earn money but are not rich? Perhaps, both working, may have an annual income of $75,000 to $150,000 – money earned.

They must be in the alleged 99 per cent, but are not demonstrating and demanding someone else’s money.

When one considers that this callous one per cent have a basket of money, it must be remembered that these people saw a need and by energy, imagination and hard work earned this money, and now by some definition are the one per cent.

They have earned this money.

One of the richest men in B.C., and probably in Canada, started his career as a used car salesman. Hard work, imagination and diligence got him to this position – and he does give a great deal of money to those in need – but not to those demanding a share of what he has earned.

If they are truly interested in the welfare of others, how about a shift at a Salvation Army kettle, which is actually collecting and sharing money.

Anything constructive is better than their current actions.

D.F. Connors