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City’s social problems getting shuffled

Re: Site unveiled for north-end social housing, Sept. 15.

To the Editor,

Re: Site unveiled for north-end social housing, Sept. 15.

I would like to thank you for your balanced reporting regarding the expansion of social housing here in Nanaimo.

I appreciate that you clearly report the facts such as:

u that those being housed will not need to curb their illegal habits (i.e. illegal drug use and their means of supporting said through petty crime, prostitution etc.);

u that even though these wet houses will have care available it is not mandatory that those being housed avail themselves of the services provided;

u and especially the fact that the two sites at Uplands Drive and also at Dufferin Crescent do not need bylaw changes, meaning they do not legally require community consultation.

Your editorial stance (Housing needs open minds, Opinion, Sept. 15) was to urge the city to hold community meetings.

Well done. Of course John Horn and the other city minions will ignore your plea.

I am an ordinary, hard-working taxpayer with a mortgage who lives one door down from the proposed Dufferin site.

Our property values have plunged by more than $20,000 and are still falling. My neighbour has had her townhome for sale for over one year, with two big real estate firms in town. Not one offer.

The Fountains has about 15-20 condo units for sale with no deals. No one wishes to move beside 40 active drug addicts.

Please continue to report the facts and offer a balance with regards to this issue.

Please ask the pointed questions such as:

Why import the problem into neighbourhoods?

Why a simple commitment to ‘try’ to deal with their illegal ways is not a requirement for this free housing?

Why are drug addicts being given such lovely free homes simply because they have broken the law and are addicts?

I think it is important for people to appreciate that we naysayers are not fearmongers.

In my small strata there are: widows having to work because if they don’t, they don’t eat; single parents who must work two and three jobs to support their families; retired pensioners who now work part time in order to support themselves; fully trained and licensed folk that must work casual call-in because that is the only way to eventually get a permanent job; and young families with both mom and dad working in order to provide for the family.

We are the ordinary people, the quiet ones who are honest, reliable and pay our bills on time. No one ever gave us a free home for nothing in return.

All we are asking is: Why are illegal drug addicts being treated so very well?

Thank you for your continued balance in reporting about this issue.

Susan Knight


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