City auditor costly in other cities

Re: Auditor eyed for city hall, Dec. 15.

To the Editor,

Re: Auditor eyed for city hall, Dec. 15.

In 2006, the City of Edmonton established the position of city auditor. There are currently 14 employees employed in this department, consisting of the city auditor, the deputy city auditor, four senior audit coordinators, seven audit coordinators and one executive assistant.

In 2011, the auditor’s office had an operating budget of $2.04 million. This indicates what may well occur over time in Nanaimo if council accepts the recommendation of the bureaucracy to fill such a position here.

When the new council gets to vote on this proposed new position, it is hoped they can find out from the city manager exactly how many employees are expected to be hired over time to fulfill  the duties in Nanaimo.

Will the auditor require a deputy? Probably. Will the auditor require an executive assistant? Most certainly.

And since the top guy isn’t going to be going about the city doing the leg work, how many additional staff will be required to actually conduct the internal audits?

I don’t know, but council surely better find out, sooner rather than later.

Wayne Schulstad