Better choice needed for city’s mayor

Re: Ruttan first to reveal re-election intentions, Sept. 1.

To the Editor,

Re: Ruttan first to reveal re-election intentions, Sept. 1.

I like Mayor John Ruttan. I think of the three choices we had last time, he was the best.

But, I truly hope that this time around, we get a better choice.

I can’t believe anybody still thinks another hotel downtown will solve the problems there. Ruttan seems to be stuck in a time warp on that issue.

And I support the ferry connection to Vancouver. No single project will do more to benefit our economy then this one.

I know, as do most others, that this is not a viable option without some form of taxpayer subsidy. And I’m not against subsidizing this; we all benefit, we should all pay.

However, Nanaimo ratepayers are about to be taxed well beyond our means. We have to pay for a new water treatment plant, a new annex building and perhaps a new dam. Plus all other rates for services are about to go through the roof.

We simply can’t afford to subsidize another project, even though the benefits would far exceed the costs.

It’s clear, despite all the rhetoric, this mayor has committed us to paying a high price for projects that will not have a economic return, while the one project that will get us ahead is being allowed to languish.

I really do hope we get a better choice for mayor this time around.

Dan Appell