Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 5

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BOUQUET To the RCMP for their prompt response to a theft in a Bradley Street home. Beware of a local woman, known to the police, who gains access by asking for directions, claiming to be from the Lower Mainland, then for use of phone or washroom.

BEEF To the comment about the trash at the Rotary Skateboard Park. The real complaint should be directed to the city, which installed a trash can without a lid, that the crows and raccoons are free to rifle through. These critters are the main mess makers, not the kids using the park.

BOUQUET To Mike and Lucian from Davey Tree Services. Two great guys who did a fantastic job clearing trees in our yard.

BEEF To the city about sidewalks again. A branch poked my head just above my eye one night last week. It was on Uplands Drive just north of Stronach Drive. Overgrown onto the sidewalks in several spots.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to whoever found my glasses at Departure Bay Elementary School and to Bob who made the phone call.

BEEF To the dealership for the lousy mechanical work on my vehicle. Had to go to another mechanic to get it done right.

BOUQUET To Diana’s Garden Centre for having such wonderful staff and beautiful plants.

BEEF To the person who stole my purse and camera from my car on St. David Crescent. I am pleading with all my heart that you return the camera’s photo card to my home at 1087 St. David’s Cres., or drop it off at the News Bulletin. No questions asked. My five-year-old daughter’s preschool graduation photos are on it and are irreplacable.

BOUQUET Thanks to everyone who collects pull tabs; 161 kilograms of tabs were taken to the recycler and the proceeds sent to Zajac Ranch Campership for Kids.

BEEF To the drivers who don’t move their vehicles over to allow pedestrians some more room when there is only a fog line separating the road from the walking space.

BOUQUET To the man and woman who came to assistance when my wife missed a step and fell down at Avalon Cinema. She sprained her ankle but is doing fine. A bouquet also to the staff who cleaned up the spilt pop right away and the manager for checking up on my wife to make sure she was OK.

BEEF To familly who do not let other family members grieve. Greed, selfishness, ignorance, unloving and thoughtless. Material want comes first.

BOUQUET To Stone Brothers Auto Body for making my vehicle look like new again. I had never even noticed your shop on Comox Road before I needed you, but I’ll be sure to return for any future scrapes and dents (hopefully not too soon).

BEEF To Nanaimo school district trustees for their complete disregard for the students of Cedar Community School and the Cedar community as a whole. We deserve K-12 in our community. Regardless of what you say, the bell has not rung.

BOUQUET To Justin and his crew at Kal-Tire for the excellent services that I have received for my vehicles.

BEEF To the deer that crossed right in front of my truck while I was on my way home with sushi. Slammed on the brakes and I lost my wasabi. Thanks, deer – saved your life, and in return I’m picking ginger out of my boots.

BOUQUET To Shelly who works at Tim Hortons on Comox Road for helping a lady in distress when she locked her keys in the car. You saved me a bundle.

BEEF To the seniors’ facility that has the maintenence staff that uses that noisy leafblower almost every day lately. Be more considerate. It is too loud. Use it later in the day and less often.

BOUQUET To the young woman who came out of the dollar store at Country Club Centre to return my green purse. What a kind young lady she is.

BEEF To the people who go to Departure Bay after 5 p.m. and allow their dogs to go on the beach. The bylaw states no dogs allowed on the beach May 1-Sept. 30 inclusive. This is a real problem that is getting out of control.

BOUQUET To the amazing hard hat crew who worked on the Strathmore Street utility upgrade. We will miss yor happy faces while working, despite the hot summer days.

BEEF Some seniors in care facilities are not treated as well as they should be.

BOUQUET To Vancouver Island Animal Crematorium for their outstanding care and  compassion for our beloved dog, Cole. He died on a Sunday, they picked him up that day and we had his ashes on Tuesday, all for a most reasonable fee.

BEEF To the B.C. government for not covering the costs of medical aids for seniors with disabilities or special needs, such as walkers, bathroom bars, raised toilet seats, bath benches, etc. They say they are encouraging our elderly to be able to live at home as long as possible but none of the essential care is covered unless they are in a nursing home.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin’s newest reporter, Tamara Cunningham, for her interesting local news stories. This talented, award-winning reporter is an asset to your paper.

BOUQUET To the developers in the 500 block of Albert Street by the thrift store. They built a large double condo complex and did not cut down the century-old double Cedar trees in front. I hope all builders see the value in heritage trees in Harewood as these wonderful developers have.

BOUQUET To the wonderful lady who gave me her umbrella a few months back when I was waiting outside VIU in the pouring rain for my ride with heaps of books. You totally made my day – and saved my books.

BOUQUET To Active Auto Detailing. They made a 21-year-old vehicle look like it was just driven off the showroom floor.

BOUQUET To the cashier or customer who found my credit card at the Target store in August and turned it in to the lost and found. You saved me a great deal of trouble and worry.

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