Bouquet to Meaghan who came to my rescue when my dog stepped on a wasp and wouldn’t walk on that leg. I couldn’t carry it. She very kindly carried my 20-pound dog uphill a quarter mile to my home while holding her two dogs on leashes. Thank you so much. The vet prescribed an antihistamine and the dog is doing well.

Bouquet to Meaghan who came to my rescue when my dog stepped on a wasp and wouldn’t walk on that leg. I couldn’t carry it. She very kindly carried my 20-pound dog uphill a quarter mile to my home while holding her two dogs on leashes. Thank you so much. The vet prescribed an antihistamine and the dog is doing well.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 29

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BOUQUET To all those drivers turning on their headlights, not just their running lights, now that the dark and rainy days of fall are here. And beef to all those drivers who are not. Your tail lights are not visible. Turn your lights on.

BEEF To the drivers everywhere who cut corners and roost gravel onto the road. Is the road not wide enough for you? Or can you just not stay on the road? Some of us ride bikes and don’t appreciate it.

BOUQUET Thank you Frank H. for being a good neighbour, watching over our building and picking up litter on our streets.

BEEF To the driver with a who cut his muffler off and races around the Uplands Park neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To Departure Bay Vet for seeing my sister’s dog when it needed care while she was visiting. We’d been told by almost every vet in town to call the emergency vet, who said it wasn’t an emergency and to call someone else. Amazing helpful and caring staff. Also a bouquet to the vet that was at least willing to put her on a cancellation list.

BEEF To the provincial and federal governments for not making those that choose not to get vaccinated pay their own way. Make them pay for the hospital bill if they get sick. Why should I as a taxpayer have to pay for your reckless behaviour?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for the kids life jacket loaning program.

BEEF To the city for a lack of response to concerns about the Parkway, Jingle Pot Road and Biggs Road intersection. There are now several new subdivisions in the area and soon the new prison will be under construction causing an increase in traffic. Trying to turn left off of Biggs Road onto Jingle Pot Road to access the parkway will make the already dangerous intersection even more so.

BOUQUET To those who mind their own business. Also maybe the single lady wants to remain single, pet hair or no pet hair.

BEEF To the yahoos who spend far too many evenings and nights screeching ‘wheelies’ and gunning their un-mufflered motors in their trucks/motorcycles around the old Sears parking lot. We can’t sleep. Have some respect for people living along Songbird Place. We would much rather hear the birds, thank you.

BOUQUET To the Trading Post store. They kept their word and went out of their way to obtain special order of horse feed for me. They are always so cheerful and pleasant on the phone or in person. I am really grateful and admire their service.

BEEF To the judge who released the catalytic converter thief. A prolific offender who will only steal again. At least make him pay the non-profit agency the cost of fixing their van.

BOUQUET Thanks to the young man at Value Village for giving my car a jump start on the only day we had a downpour of rain in almost three months. Will pay it forward for sure.

BEEF To all those people who thought it would be a good idea to stage a noisy protest complete with bullhorns outside NRGH. There was no thought given to the patients, people and families in palliative care, people trying to get to appointments, ambulances trying to transport patients and those who are working so hard to keep our health-care system going.

BOUQUET Thank you to the GAIN group, especially to Dan. The way that you conducted the business of my purchase of a used car from you and the unwinding of the deal to my satisfaction was a big surprise to me, it also showed that not all car dealers are the same. I will remember this in the future.

BEEF Why is nothing done about the parking on the cycling path just south of Rutherford on Uplands Drive? Why is nothing done about the really excessive speeding at the waterfront of Departure Bay? It is like a racing track there.

BOUQUET To Russell and Shawn, owners of Your Maintenance Man. They came to fix the rot at my garage door very promptly and finished the repair in a professional manner. Two real honest guys, hard to find nowadays, well done guys.

BEEF To the two people who think it’s OK to use their front yard as a makeshift scrap yard. Show some respect for the neighbourhood and take your scrap vehicles to the other guy’s house or his place out of town. Your neighbours are tired of the goings on day and night as well as the unsightly condition of the property.

BOUQUET To a wonderful server at the Old City Station Pub named Crystal. She was busy but still was so pleasant and helpful, putting up with my quirky humour, delivering great service with a smile (I assume) and a lovely laugh.

BEEF Could those who don’t believe in vaccines crawl into s cave? We will let you out when it’s all over as we would rather not share your viruses and get back to normal. A 40-year-old man is not here because he thought anyone could beat the virus. I’ve got news for you non-believers, it’s ruthless.

BOUQUET To Meaghan who came to my rescue when my dog stepped on a wasp and wouldn’t walk on that leg. I couldn’t carry it. She very kindly carried my 20-pound dog uphill a quarter mile to my home while holding her two dogs on leashes. Thank you so much. The vet prescribed an antihistamine and the dog is doing well.

BEEF To the politicians for vilifying our law enforcement officers and siding with virtue signalling instead. Look to Victoria for the latest attack on an officer. You have blood on your vote-pandering hands.

BOUQUET To all the flaggers working on the Metral Drive upgrades. Kudos for being so patient. I can’t believe how many drivers choose to speed, putting you in danger all day. Ten of them in 15 minutes couldn’t even stay on the correct side of the cones. Thank you and stay safe.

BEEF To the man in the Hammond Bay Road area whose dog was on a leash beside him whilst he was cycling. The dog was not trained to do this as it looked quite young. The man constantly yanked hard at the leash when the dog pulled away from the bike. I told him that this was dangerous and the dog could suffer windpipe problems. His reply was that the dog had to learn.

BOUQUET To Medical Arts Clinic. On a recent visit all staff were welcoming, professional, and efficient. We are fortunate to have this clinic in our town.

BEEF To the agency for closing our after-school care facility with less than a week’s notice. Finding child care in this city is tough enough without now suddenly having to compete with dozens of other families stuck in the same situation. I’d go somewhere else if there was any other choice.

BEEF To the homeowner in our cul-de-sac. Parking is an issue in many of the newer subdivisions, with upper and lower suites bringing in multiple families with multiple vehicles. Try some compassion for a person blocking six inches of your personal double driveway for less then 12 hours on a dark, rainy night.

BEEF To long COVID. My once healthy family is now struggling to climb a flight of stairs. You have irreparably ravaged our vitality and lifestyle.

BEEF To the teachers’ union. You scream about safety from the mountaintops for everyone else, yet when it comes to your membership, you want different rules. What gives?

BEEF To the city. The plan images of the ‘beautification’ of downtown don’t include the inevitable temporary fencing around all the grassy areas. Why waste taxpayer money for more parks that will have to be surrounded by cages?

BEEF To the supermarket’s large sign asking shoppers to return their carts to the parking lot corral when they are nowhere near the store.

BEEF To the city water department. I lifted the toilet tank lid in my 10-year-old house to find half an inch of sand and grit at the bottom. This is the same water we are told is safe to drink?

BEEF To businesses that do not enforce the wearing of masks. You are saying your customers’ lives do not matter. I have been into grocery stores where three-quarters of the shoppers are not wearing masks, not using hand sanitizers or keeping away from each other. It’s keeping my wife in our apartment again.

BEEF To the theatre that said in a newscast that their employees sell popcorn and will not physically remove anti-maskers. That pretty much says they will not be following vaccine passport protocols. That is what managers are for – not the part-timers. I will not go back to that theatre.

BEEF With more hospitals in B.C. cancelling surgeries due to surge in unvaccinated COVID-19 admissions, it’s clear the anti-vaxxers are impacting everybody – not just themselves.

BEEF A friend flew direct from Calgary. Astonishingly no one asked for proof of vaccination neither in Calgary nor here. Masks only. Seriously? How do we control this if airlines are so cavalier.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for putting up fences around downtown parks. It is only isolating the unhoused community and limiting their access to services. Every citizen, unhoused or not deserves to be able to use our public spaces. The park across from the New Hope Centre allowed for a space for people to eat their meals from the Salvation Army. I am ashamed to say I live in Nanaimo because of the city’s response to homelessness.

BEEF To the B.C. government for allowing rent increases while landlord’s property values seriously increase and I get to pay an extra $150 a year in rent to support them. I would love the option to give that money to building housing for the homeless.

BEEF To the neighbours for shaming other neighbours for having fun outside in their yards during the summer evenings. You don’t own the space past your fence. Everyone is loud around here and everyone knows you hate everyone. You were told to just let people know if we bothered you but you resorted to pettiness instead of healthy communication. Mind your own business or move. No one is breaking any noise bylaws.

BEEF To everyone, it’s so hard to stay positive right now but all this complaining about everything is just out of control. If something bothers you take it up with the other person unless it’s impossible then seek help. Please people, help not hinder. Love and laughter to all.

BEEF The other day I was with a friend driving on Bowen Road near Wakesiah Avenue and this pedestrian in red assaults a bike rider for riding on the sidewalk. As a cyclist I hope the other cyclist reported him, and if need be, I’ll tell the police what I saw. That was just wrong.

BEEF To all those yard sale people who leave their signs on the poles. Be responsible and take down your signs when the weekend is over.

BEEF To the place that buys and sells precious metal. I came to do business with you and you do not require masking. I won’t put my life at risk entering your establishment. Pretty sure someone else in town will want my business.

BEEF To the conservation office for killing so many bears and relocating so few, according to a recent report. Do you call this conservation? Why do I donate money to rescue operations just for you to kill them? I don’t want my tax dollars paying your salary right now.

BEEF To Elections Canada officials. At the advance voting station on Gordon Street, voters had to line up outside and then climb three flights of stairs one step at a time over 30 minutes or more to get to the polling station. Many seniors, including me, found this experience unpleasant and difficult.

BEEF To the grocery store that does not have any power carts for people with mobility issues. That only tells me that you really aren’t interested in people with mobility issues coming into your store. I sure won’t be shopping for my family of four in your store. All the other grocery stores in Nanaimo have them for their customers.

BEEF To some teachers. You are not students’ parents nor social workers. And the contents of ‘social/emotional development’ is deliberately vague to allow for left-wing propaganda to be taught in our schools. We will take our kids out if you continue down this path.

BEEF To neighbours who use scented fabric softener. On many of these nice breezy days, we have to close our windows and sometimes can’t even work in the garden. Please show consideration for those of us who have scent sensitivities.

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