Beef. I would like to submit a beef to all those dog owners who let them urinate on the part of the Harbourfront Walkway where there are businesses and restaurants. There are plenty of areas where it won’t impact the public and I know for a fact that dogs can hold it for hours.

Beef. I would like to submit a beef to all those dog owners who let them urinate on the part of the Harbourfront Walkway where there are businesses and restaurants. There are plenty of areas where it won’t impact the public and I know for a fact that dogs can hold it for hours.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 28

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BOUQUET To Cody and team at Central Drugs on Brickyard Road. Always personalized and professional service.

BEEF I am continually amazed that when something gets broken in the City of Nanaimo, it takes its sweet time to actually fix it, which in turn ends up costing the taxpayers a lot more money.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Hospital Auxiliary. I purchased a sudoku book for my mom and drove halfway home when I realized I had forgotten it. The lovely volunteer took it to her room at the end of her volunteer shift. Thank you.

BEEF To the RDN for squandering $4 million of the taxpayers’ money on buying extra land for a park when it should have gone to a lot more down-to-Earth needs.

BOUQUET To Nathaniel, a great young man at Dollarama. When told what I was looking for he didn’t just give me an aisle number and leave it at that, he happily went out of his way to help, looking everywhere including the storage room. I really appreciated his help and kindness.

BEEF To the fast-food restaurant whose staff belittled, humiliated, swore at and physically assaulted a person experiencing homelessness. She was a paying customer and you treated her like dirt, a table of seven saw you do it and you should be fired and/or arrested.

BOUQUET To all the people who have been so patient with the new staff as we continue to re-train for our large store since the pandemic.

BEEF To the HVAC company that had me sign a contract for a heat pump that was not the one we agreed on and then couldn’t even install the wrong one on time. Check your contract against what was actually installed.

BOUQUET To Metral Drive, which will be a beautiful street once it is completed and a safe route for cyclists to get from one end of the city to the other. Thank you to city council for good urban planning and building resilience to climate change.

BEEF To those who are trash-talking our monarch, have some respect. She was your queen too, whether you like it or not. RIP Queen Elizabeth II and long live the King.

BOUQUET To the lady who tips me $10 every month. You are one of the only ones out of more than 100 people. The gratuities are appreciated more than anything. It goes to gas, car maintenance. I wanted to let you know since it’s hard to give you a thank you card every time. Thank you.

BEEF Seniors living in poverty for sure slip through the cracks. We need help. Be safe.

BOUQUET To all the home care folk at VIHA who call on me every morning to help me dress, wash, make my coffee and breakfast and many other tasks to enable me to face the day and live independently. How patient and delightful you all are. Add on all my dear friends who help with a myriad of small and large tasks to complete my bliss.

BEEF To the RCMP officers who feel they are above the law. After an officer pulled over to the side of Rock City Road to talk to a cabbie, the cabbie left and another officer pulled up beside him and stopped in the middle of the lane on this busy road to talk to him, with no regard to the traffic he was blocking. There was ample room to pull over to the side of the road.

BOUQUET To the man who goes around downtown and weed-eats for fun. I’m so glad this floats your boat because you made my day clearing the horrible weeds from our workplace. I hope you keep making Nanaimo a little less weedy.

BEEF To the governments at all levels whether federal, provincial or municipal. You all gave yourself a day off and once again you reaffirmed that we were never in this all together. What a joke.

BOUQUET To the people at Arbutus Music. I couldn’t find the correct charger for a medical device until Richard built one from supplies he had on hand – incredible. Kai was also super helpful and willing to research and order one from their suppliers if need be. Incredible service and support. Arbutus Music will be my first source for electronic smarts.

BEEF To all noisy vehicles and motorcycles. Many cities around the world are beginning to grapple with the problem.There is even a system, like speeding cameras, that will take a photo of the licence plate when unlawful decibels are reached. An appropriate fine is then applied. We need to control it now, or it will grow with time.

BOUQUET To Dr. R. Cone who was always willing to listen and spend time to explain his reasons for specific treatments and procedures. His caring attitude and gentle humour were very reassuring and much appreciated over so many years. He is sadly missed.

BEEF To delivery companies that leave parcels on the doorstep without knocking or ringing the doorbell. It’s a needless invitation to thieves.

BOUQUET I wish to thank a very generous couple in a white Mustang at the Nicol Street car wash. I had difficulty trying to figure out how to pay for a car wash and the car wash didn’t start. The lady behind me paid for my wash. I finished my car wash then pulled over to wait for the couple to repay them, but they just waved me off. Such kind people. Thank you both.

BEEF To all the beefers about bike lanes. Sorry if it an inconvenience that there is less roadway for driving and parking. Not all of us can afford to pay $2 per litre plus maintenance to drive a polluting vehicle. Quit being lazy and feeling entitled. Cycle or take public transit. Mother Earth will thank you.

BOUQUET Thank you to the lovely lady who helped me find my car in the parking lot at Nanaimo North Town Centre. She stayed with me until we located it, hugged me, and made sure I was OK before leaving me. Not many people would have been so caring.

BEEF To the city for multimillion-dollar Metral Drive blunder. Vehicle lanes are so narrow, making it unsafe, unnerving and unacceptable. Safety threat for all large trucks, snowplows and oncoming traffic.

BOUQUET Thanks to all the fine folks at B.C. Ferries who saved my purse and iPad and got it back to me. You all did so much to help me.

BEEF To the new over-50 apartment. There are no safety bars in the bathrooms, the bathtubs have a dangerous slope on the back and one step could cause a very serious accident. They are higher than normal and very difficult to get in and out with no safety bar. You have to walk out of the building to dispose of garbage as the inside access is all stairs and does not work for walkers and scooters.

BOUQUET To my generous, amazing friends who made my eighth annual Alzheimer’s Coffee Break a huge success.

BEEF To the criminal element that hides among the misfortunate homeless. When you no longer need or want the stolen grocery cart, instead of abandoning it on the side of the road or in someone’s yard, you should return it to the scene of the crime. Take that one small step toward becoming a responsible, caring human being. Are you up to the challenge?

BOUQUET To Steld Blueberry Farm in Cedar for not raising the price of their delicious berries.

BEEF To the city for the Metral Drive flop. Looks like from a playbook on how not to build roads. City must be held accountable.

BOUQUET To April and her husband from the Dover area for helping me when I locked my keys, phone and baby in the car in their driveway. They didn’t know me at all when I rang their doorbell for help and they showed me genuine kindness. Bouquet also to Mid-Island Towing for coming so quickly.

BEEF To the beefer regarding having to pay for feeding children. If, as you allege, parents are irresponsible, are we now to ‘punish’ the children for the parents’ alleged shortcomings? Without proper nutrition, children won’t grow mentally or physically as the should. They won’t have the energy to learn or focus.

BOUQUET To the local cat rescue organization for having us on as foster carers. An even bigger bouquet to the loving mama and tiny babies – their antics make our worn-out hearts sing again. We’re the strays who’ve needed them.

BEEF To the city for the Metral Drive mess. Turning right from a side street is awkward as to not encroach opposing traffic. Roads are very narrow making it unsafe especially with large trucks. Too much concrete that defies logic and common sense. Stop building disruptive bike lanes.

BOUQUET Thank you to all the retailers that still put out paper flyers with their specials and sales. A thumbs down to those that don’t. You are excluding a large portion of the population.

BEEF To ICBC. I have a flawless driving record. A drunk driver destroyed my car two months ago and crashed into my yard. My car is a write-off, yet I have to keep it insured and parked on the road by my house. It has been two months now and still waiting just to have it looked at. The city has threatened to tow it even though it’s insured because it is an eyesore. Why pay insurance? They don’t help you when you need it.

BOUQUET To Dwayne, a Shaw installer who went out of his way to help me locate a remote for my elderly parents. The office was closed, but I saw a Shaw vehicle on the side road and thought, what the heck, I’ll ask. Dwayne listened and said since we were literally around the corner he’d go get us one. He actually came out with two and my parents were tickled.

BEEF To the city for the nightmare on Metral Drive. So dysfunctional now.

BOUQUET To people who are ‘paying it forward.’ But why not give funds to feed the hungry children lunch program at school, and also get a tax-deductible receipt?

BEEF Why do all candidates for council and mayor regurgitate the same statements on their platform. Yawn. Fix the potholes and pick up the garbage.

BOUQUET To past partners who were more patient with me than I probably deserved. I think I am a better person now and will endeavour to continue to try to improve myself.

BEEF I would like to submit a beef to all those dog owners who let them urinate on the part of the Harbourfront Walkway where there are businesses and restaurants. There are plenty of areas where it won’t impact the public and I know for a fact that dogs can hold it for hours.

BOUQUET To the family of Fred P. We are so sorry for your tragic loss. What a nice young man he was. Wishing you peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this difficult time.

BEEF To the media website’s comments section that serves as a collection portal for scammers.

BOUQUET To Mike and Dylan E. from Mid-Island Towing for dealing with a sensitive issue in a prompt and professional manner.

BEEF To the condo owner in the north end. You reno-victed my daughter and her husband and they spent hours cleaning, including shampooing the carpet, puttying holes where pictures were hung and painting over. You are refusing to return their security deposit, saying the carpet had to be taken up. The carpet was in poor condition when they moved in.

BOUQUET To all candidates who put their name forward for the local government election. Thanks for your willingness to participate in our democracy and serve our communities.

BEEF To the B.C. Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions. How exactly do you gauge your success legitimately? The mental health and homelessness crisis in Nanaimo has never been worse. Where is the accountability?

BOUQUET To Mme. Lou at École Quarterway. Thank you for all of your hard work and support. We are so lucky.

BEEF To Nanaimo musicians who advertise their services lavishly on the Internet via websites, but don’t have the courtesy to answer enquiries, be it voicemail or e-mail. What is your point?

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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