Beef to the sandwich shop, no pepper? And a grocery store 50 metres away; c’mon, that is just lazy.

Beef to the sandwich shop, no pepper? And a grocery store 50 metres away; c’mon, that is just lazy.

Beefs & Bouquets, Sept. 2

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BOUQUET To the lady who stopped to see if she could help when the tire on our car blew while we were on the highway. She phoned BCAA but before we could get through, a young man in a tow truck came by. Both my husband and I are in our 80s and the young man changed the tire to the spare in no time. We are so grateful. They are caring people and we will pass it on.

BEEF Not surprising that there was a car crash on Rutherford. There is much speeding both on Rutherford and Uplands.

BOUQUET To our new neighbours for being such awesome and responsible pet owners. They have a number of cats and have built them a cool system for going outside to enjoy the fresh air but still be secured in their home. I wish all cat owners were this responsible.

BEEF To people who are going into the old Nanaimo city cemetery and being disrespectful. We interred ashes in our family plot and left a large floral tribute. The next morning when I visited the flowers were gone. On a recent visit a teen was climbing up on top of a tall monument.

BOUQUET To Meghan, dietary aide at Dufferin Place for being so kind and friendly to the residents. Your drawings and positive energy are fighting the plagues of long-term care.

BEEF I’m always more than happy to support our local businesses especially in this difficult COVID era. However, travelling to a business in Coombs to find a notice telling me that all prices have been increased by two per cent did not impress me.

BOUQUET To Midas near the ferry terminal – Mike, Dale, all of you. They were honest with me about a fix that didn’t need to be done, and didn’t charge me a thing. Another local auto department said I did need major work. There are businesses you can trust out there.

BEEF To the lady in the white convertible. Yes we know you are proud of your car but when you take up two parking spots so close to the crowded mall you didn’t have to be so rude to my husband. Go angle your car across the parking lot away from the mall if that’s what you need to do.

BOUQUET To the Vancouver Island Exhibition for having a virtual fair this year, in these trying times. It good to see they are keeping the spirit alive.

BEEF To the growly, grumpy man in the big box store. My son and I were in fact following store protocols for COVID. If you’re that uptight, perhaps you need to do dial-a-grocery and stay home. You were out of line, rude and inappropriate.

BOUQUET To the owner of Simply Flowers in Country Club Centre. The beautiful ‘Coco-Loco’ roses were very much loved by the recipient of the bouquet. Thank you.

BEEF To the family with a trampoline and pool. Control your kids or move. Everyone has the right to peace and quiet.

BOUQUET To Cali Nails for finding my ring in a chair after it had fallen out of my pocket. I didn’t realize I had lost it for a couple of days and when I phoned they had it in a drawer waiting. Thank you. It was much appreciated.

BEEF To the people in the Northfield area who blast their music while working in their yard. We can hear it down to the other end of the street. Not everyone shares the same taste in music and we can no longer sit outside and enjoy the summer days. Please turn it down out of respect for the others who live nearby.

BOUQUET To Tony, who works at the front desk at the Brickyard Road clinic. Your professional and kind work ethic is greatly appreciated. I hope your boss sees this and gives you the recognition you deserve.

BEEF To the beefer about RCMP not responding to Americans visiting a pub and store in French Creek. RCMP have more important things to do than chase people with American licence plates. There are Americans working on the Island or who were on the Island before COVID-19.

BOUQUET To the fellow who took the time out to follow me to my destination to tell me all my brake lights were completely out, and to Nigel at Canadian Tire for the prompt fix.

BEEF To the lady in the truck in the north-end parking lot. Because I parked in a space that you had wanted to pull through, you bent my mirrors on my SUV when you were leaving. Unfortunately for you, I took down your licence plate number. You’re lucky there was no damage to my vehicle. Next time take a deep breath, and be kind.

BOUQUET To the nurses and techs in the renal unit and to Courtney on the fourth floor for looking after my dad. My family thanks you so much.

BEEF To those who were picnicking at Neck Point Park. The amount of garbage that was left at the garbage cans was disgusting. Full black garbage bags were left and the contents were strewn all over. If the cans are full, take it home with you.

BOUQUET To Sonya. She has been consistently helpful to us in so many ways during the pandemic and is still helping. Thank you.

BEEF With doctors’ offices switching to electronic answering systems it is virtually impossible to connect to make an appointment with your doctor. Have they never heard of call-back systems? It seems very strange that doctors are almost impossible to connect with during a pandemic.

BEEF My husband had the unfortunate need to see a teller at a bank. He had to line up in the heat for 40 minutes and there were no chairs for elderly or frail people to sit and it was hot. He is 78 and has heart problems. Several people, including one elderly woman, had to leave because they couldn’t stand any longer and my husband had to leave in the end. This is poor customer service.

BEEF I agree with the writer about the noise pollution and vehicles with augmented mufflers. Ticketing is the only solution. RCMP, hope you are reading this.

BOUQUET To our neighbours who love to party loudly but always turn the music down by 10 p.m. We were worried when you first moved in but have warmed up to you because of your continued consideration for your neighbours.

BEEF To commercial vehicle inspectors in Parksville and Duncan. Smile once in awhile and engage in a respectful conversation about the problem rather than trying to throw your weight around. Yes you have an important job to do – we all do – but it can be done in a better manner.

BOUQUET To Mike who has been helping this single mama for the last couple of months. He is always stopping by to mow my lawns and trim my bushes back. He does this all on his own time and out of the courtesy of his heart. You are truly a great man. Thank you for all you do for our family.

BEEF to callers who are rude to health-care switchboard operators. We don’t make the rules and policies, we only answer the phones. It’s not our fault you don’t like the answers we give you to your questions. We are very busy answering the phones. Show some respect for people trying to help you.

BOUQUET Words can not express the appreciation for my mom who has helped so much by watching our girls so we can both work and supporting us in every way possible this year. We all love you so much Moomle.

BEEF To the business owner for publicly slagging city staff and city council and blaming them for the fact her business is doing poorly. Stop playing the victim and blaming others for your problems.

BOUQUET To the lady who parked behind me on Terminal Avenue and put her four-way flashers on because my car battery had died in the middle of the of the road and waited with me until the tow truck came. I really appreciated what you did for me. Thank you. Sorry everyone else for the traffic snarl.

BEEF To the sandwich shop, no pepper? And a grocery store 50 metres away, c’mon that is just lazy.

BOUQUET I received extraordinarily good care at NRGH’s emergency department. The admitting nurse was kind and efficient, as were the various other nurses and technicians and the two doctors I saw, Dr. Rogers and Dr. Ngai. Despite extra pressure from the numbers of patients – and the heightened sanitation and isolation routines – all the staff were calm and supportive and the care was excellent. We’re lucky to live in this province and within the Island Health region where we have excellent health care at a very challenging time. I’m impressed and deeply grateful.

BEEF To the Departure Bay neighbour that complains about wildlife being fed. Just because you’re no friend of nature, doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t be. Imagine having issue with the compassion of others.

BOUQUET I purchased a walker at Life Support Assisted Living Systems at Nanaimo North Town Centre and I have to say, the service was excellent.

BEEF To the city planners for failing to pave the parking lot at Neck Point Park when the crew was paving Morningside leading into the park, as it is much needed.

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